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Design aficionados the world over are harking the arrival of the rug trends for 2016 and the “painterly rug” is at the top of that list. Painterly rugs look as if a painting has been created by way of a rug and has a similar effect with mood and movement. The feeling is sophisticated and serene and are either tonal or more neutral with splashes of colour.

We have been creating our gorgeous painterly rugs for the last couple of years and are still completely in love with the visual impact they create in a room. We have collaborated with some of our most creative clients to develop some stunning painterly rugs. We feel that each piece feels it belongs uniquely to each client’s space and that there is no substitute for designing a piece that is completely individual. 


Venetian Swirl, Private Residence, Chiswick

Venetian Swirl, which takes inspiration from the Italian papers found in Venice and Florence, was launched at Decorex 2015. The movement created in the shape is further enhanced by the silk that changes colour in various lights. 


 Sheila Hancock’s Abstract Pastels

Our client, the inimitable and creative Sheila Hancock, asked us to bring in the blues and greens from the river on which she lives to her rug palette. We also incorporated hues colours from her own amazing art collection to create a complementary, original piece.


Abstract with pops for Anabella Wilkinson

We created this Abstract design with interior designer, Anabella Wilkinson and again used her own impressive art collection as inspiration for the colours selected. The neutrals create a soft canvas in both wools and silks while the pops of colour sing out, making it a completely individual piece.

Stair Runner in Private Residence, Barnes

The entryway at this stunning home in London’s Barnes neighbourhood was austere with white walls, polished concrete floors and the original mahogany staircase. For this hand knotted stair runner in wools and silks, the client wanted to give the appearance of paint falling down the stairs. The tones were selected from some of the client’s favourite hues, satisfying her desire for a riot of colour in an otherwise still space.


 Marble in Private Residence, East Sussex

 While the Marble rug above fits seamlessly into a scheme without shouting, a painterly rug in stronger tones can become the focal point of a space and create a sophistication that is difficult to achieve with any other single piece of furnishing. 


Abstract, Private Residence, Chiswick

Above photo courtesy of Fleur Ward Interior Design

Although painterly rugs are being hailed as a top trend, the elegance and movement they bring to a space will make them a design classic that will be around for many years to come.

January 07, 2016 by Jennifer Manners
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