Hand Knotted

Our hand knotted rug collection is created with a refined Himalayan wool collected from sheep in the highlands of Nepal, ensuring each rug has an inherent softness and durability. Bamboo silk can also be added to enhance the texture and create a light-reflecting effect, as illustrated with our Modern Herringbone design above.

Hand knotting is the ancient form of rug weaving where each individual strand is tied into knots around a cotton warp and weft, holding the strand in place. Our weavers use the Tibetan knotting technique, whereby each new knot is a continuation of the previous one and the start of the next one. The process is meticulous and our skilled weavers complete approximately 16cm per day. Each rug will have tens of thousands of knots tied by hand for a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Once the rug has been taken off the loom, it is washed, dried and carved by hand to highlight the design.

The majority of our rugs are created in 80 or 100 knots per square inch. More complex or intricate designs usually require a higher knot count to ensure the detail and definition of the design is retained.






Hand Tufted

Our hand tufted rugs are thick and luxurious, with a dense pile that looks like a hand knotted rug. These rugs are crafted using a tufting tool where millions of wools are delicately pulled through a canvas and then secured on the back with latex. Although the tufting tool makes the creation of these rugs quicker than hand knotted pieces, a great deal of skill is employed to ensure the design is perfect.

We use the finest New Zealand wool for its inherent suppleness, strength and pure white colour which, when dyed, ensures the richest and most vivid hues. As with our hand knotted style, bamboo silk can be added to our tufted designs to create a more formal, sophisticated look. The silks reflect light making the rug almost come to life. The high-quality of a tufted rug is reflected in its weight, a measure of how much wool has been used as well as the grade of wool used and the experience of the rug-maker.






Our handwoven rugs, also called flatweaves or kilims, are created on pit looms by skilled weavers outside of Varanasi, India. Thought to originate around the fourth or fifth century, this style of rug was often used for prayer mats. Rooted in tradition, weavers have used the same ancient technique for centuries. They are similar to dhurries in style and appearance but dhurries tend to be made of cotton, while our handwoven rugs are pure New Zealand wool. As the pattern is identical on both the front and back, the rug can be reversed for longer use. Their flat, pile-less nature lends itself to a more casual look while their durability makes them a practical solution for high-traffic areas.




Cut and Loop

Our hand looped and cut pile pieces bring a modern dimension to each rug, highlighting the graphic nature of some of our designs. Each piece is created in New Zealand wool and carved by skilled artisans using loops of wool to create a shallow, sophisticated surface combined with trimmed wool that has a traditional pile trimmed to desired height. The blend of textures and heights creates a three-dimensional, distinctive rug.




Handloom Knot Bamboo Silk

A knotted rug effect is created on a loom, ensuring a high quality piece that lasts for generations. These rugs possess a dense pile with a real sense of luxury. Due to the use of a loom, these rugs can only be created in solid colours or in horizontal lines. Because the looms make knotting quicker, production times are much shorter than knotted rugs.





Your Perfect Colour Match

 Each batch of wool is dyed by hand using Swiss dyes, the finest in the world. Choose a colour from our box of 1200 wool tufts or let us match your fabric, paint or even your favourite lipstick. Hand dyeing these wools so that the colour is exactly what you intend is a highly technical skill. Our master dyers have been perfecting their craft for years, ensuring that your perfect colour match is created every time.